Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

Boston lawyers oftentimes handle car accident injuries for their clients. This is the most common type of personal injury that a person endures today. However, there are numerous other types of personal injury that can affect your life and require the expertise of a personal injury lawyer boston ma. Some of the types of injuries and accidents you can turn to a personal injury lawyer to handle include:

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are sometimes the worst type of accident at all since the person who is hit does not have the protection of a car. If you’ve been injured in such a manner, you need an attorney there to help correct the injuries and damages that you’ve endured.

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If you’ve been assaulted by another person and injuries and other damages occur, you may have a lawsuit that can be handled in civil court. You could win money to help cover the costs of lost wages and medical bills associated with the assault.

School Injuries

Our children are at school for many hours of the day, there to learn and better themselves as students. We trust the teachers and school faculty to keep them safe during this time. Sadly, this doesn’t always occur and injuries happen. When these injuries are result of a faculty member acting negligently, they must pay.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death is a painful type of case for most people. It occurs when another person acts negligently and causes death of another person. Do not attempt to handle this complex matter without a lawyer there. Rest assured that with a lawyer by your side, it is easy to maximize the amount of money that you receive for your injuries and ensure the responsible party pays for their acts.